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Cable-Mat Rubber top

Reduce accidents by containing loose cables and highlighting potential tripping hazard.

EV Cable Solution

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Backing

Cable-Mat Backing

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

Cable-Mat Rubber Top

A useful investment into your safety!

Loose cables and wires in offices and production places are a safety hazard. The Cable-Mat has been developed to help prevent such a hazard and reduce trips and falls.

It is easily placed over loose cables as the specially developed recess on the bottom of the mat holds all the wires and cables in place. Additionally, eye-catching, high visibility borders highlight the potential hazard and provide a visual warning for staff and visitors.

The Rubber Top version of this safety product allows for use in conditions where oil, grease and chemicals are present and can be used in outdoor places.

ECO Friendly

15% Recycled Nitrile Content

We have found a way to further reduce our impact on the environment without compromising the superior properties that nitrile rubber has on professional floor mats throughout our industry.

Waste rubber that is otherwise destined for landfill can now be re-crumbed and added to the nitrile base compound before the vulcanisation process. This can be done safely using up to 15% recycled rubber with no adverse effect on product appearance or functionality.

Another step in the right direction.

Why choose Cable-Mat Rubber Top?

  • Reduce tripping accidents in the workplace
  • Tidy loose wires and cables
  • Suitable where oil and chemicals are present
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Slip-resistant rubber backing with integrated cable run
  • Bright eye-catching border graphics to highlight potential hazard
  • 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Made in Europe

Vacuum to clean  Brush to clean  High pressure cleaner  Light resistant  PVC Free  Suitable for underfloor heating  2 Years Guarantee  Made in Europe  Nitrile 15% recycled  ECO Friendly

Technical Information

APPLICATIONS Indoor or outdoor placement
Anywhere loose cables or wires present a possible trip hazard

MATERIALS 100% Nitrile rubber with 15% recycled content
Integrated cable channel


40 x 120 cm



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Cable-Mat Rubber Top
Cable-Mat Rubber Top