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About Kleen-Tex


The International Mat Manufacturer

Kleen-Tex – the world at your feet!

Kleen-Tex Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mats. Founded over half a century ago in the US city of LaGrange, the development of the first rubber-coated dirt-trapper mat laid the foundation for a worldwide success story.

Today the name Kleen-Tex is synonymous with a spirit of innovation, cutting-edge production and print capabilities, a huge range of products to suit every possible requirement and great customer service.

Our mats can be found anywhere in the world, in large commercial corporations, in hospitals and hotels, in planes, trains and automobiles, and on factory production lines. Quality, photorealistic print processes enable us to produce mats for a wide range of uses, from a simple welcome message, to a complicated corporate logo.

All our mats are made exclusively in Europe for the European market, enabling us to offer a fast and flexible service to accommodate even the tightest of deadlines, all certified to the highest standards of excellence and delivered with quality seals and full warranties.

Brands within the Kleen-Tex family

Over the years Kleen-Tex has acquired a number of well known brands...

Turtle Mat
Dirt Trapper Mats
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Kleen-Tex at your service.

Kleen-Tex mats are designed and engineered to the highest standards to produce robust mats of the highest quality that can withstand the highest footfall, whether on land, on the sea or in the air. We offer matting solutions for any eventuality, whether it’s keeping a building clean, ensuring customers and employees are safe or simply offering a warm welcome.

Check out our extensive range to find a product that suits your requirements.

Why choose Kleen-Tex:

  • Manufacturer of floor mats since 1967
  • Huge range of products and services
  • Many stock items
  • Customised design centres
  • Research and development
  • Innovative market leaders with many product lines
  • State of the art manufacturing processes