Deputy Managing Director Kleen-Tex Europe


Congratulations Marcin Dulewicz

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Marcin Dulewicz, as Deputy Managing Director Kleen-Tex Europe with effect from the 1st of November 2022. Marcin has a strong background in manufacturing operations and logistics in a number of industries. Although operationally biased, Marcin has met many of our major customers and hosted them during their visits to Suchedniow. Marcin has met with all our major suppliers and has been open to developing these relationships as well as seeking alternatives when required.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent macro-economic effects, Marcin has shown strong and clear leadership, managing our largest global pool of resources and capital equipment. In more recent times, Marcin has helped both myself, global operational leaders and our KTI leadership team on a number of strategic initiatives.

Over the next 6 months I will provide support to Marcin as he transitions from operations to a more commercial & strategic position. Marcin has been an outstanding member of my European Executive Team (EET), always enthusiastic, encouraging to others and decisive when coming to decision making. Marcin will be replaced in Suchedniow by Marek Dulęba who will take over as Operations Director Kleen-Tex Poland. A separate communication will detail Marek’s promotion.

Marcin will continue to support me providing leadership for our global Operational Excellence initiatives as we seek to leverage our global competitive advantage and strengthen our capabilities globally. Marcin will become the full European Managing Director from the beginning of the new financial year in June 2023.

Both moves are further demonstration of our commitment to developing our own people from within the business. I am extremely thrilled for both Marcin and Marek. I am sure you will support both Marcin and Marek as they further their careers at Kleen-Tex as they transition into their new positions.

Gary Haynes

Chief Operating Officer


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