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Monday 6th April, 2020.

Dear customer,

Kleen-Tex Europe’s management team continue to meet daily via online video conferencing, as we assess the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect on our business.

Our administrative staff have been working from home over the last few weeks; they are able to access all our business systems and our IT team have done a fantastic job to enable this to happen.

Our manufacturing facility in Poland continues to manufacture, but for the last two weeks this has been on a ‘made to order’ basis. This means we are only manufacturing for customer orders. Traditionally, we’ve manufactured a mix of ‘made to stock’ and ‘made to order’ products. We shall only start our ‘made to stock’ production when demand picks up. This means that we can reduce the capacity of our plant, now, to a single day shift - and this arrangement will be in place from today until demand increases to justify further shifts.

Our supply chain partners remain strong and resolute, and I am pleased to report that we have had no major supply chain interruptions and do not foresee any in the near future.

Our field-based commercial sales team remain available for enquiries, and to share other information regarding our products and services.

Last week I reported that our UK warehouse would be shut, however, due to demand, we have agreed that it will be open on Wednesdays from this week, to service the UK market. These are indeed unprecedented times. A time in which our hopes and thoughts are with you all. This pandemic will pass; we look forward to continue doing business with you now and in the better times to come. The Kleen-Tex management team would also like to thank the medical and health teams across Europe, and we salute them. None of us know when the crisis will end, however planning for when this ‘exit’ arrives could potentially significantly increase demand, therefore if you are able to place orders now for future requirements, this will help not only our manufacturing team, but also our extended supply chains.

Best regards

Gary Haynes
Managing Director

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