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The Kleen-Tex name is synonymous with mats throughout the World of textile manufacture.

Today the Kleen-Tex Group is built on three clear brand winners that excel in their own fields. From the commercial, industrial and promotional expertise of the Kleen-Tex brand to the excellent, fast growing household names in the World of designer domestic products that are wash+dry and Turtle Mat.



Kleen-Tex was founded in 1967 by Ralph W. Howard Jr.

Kleen-Tex developed the first rubber-backed mat in 1970, a clear breakthrough for industrial laundries finally giving them a mat that was truly washable.

Business grew fast and before long became a huge success story, establishing manufacturing and distribution plants around the World. From USA and Canada to the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Australia and still growing to this day.

Kleen-Tex are now one of the most successful mat manufacturing companies in the World with an unlimited wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of mats and a portfolio of products second to none.



wash+dry represents creative, stylish and functional floor mats that perfectly emphasise your living style.

Creative solutions for entrances, living and dining areas, bedrooms and children's rooms, kitchen or terrace.

Our design studio creates modern and timeless mat collections in close cooperation with external design studios. Current interior trends and living styles are the inspiration for our wide selection of designs, which offers something for every taste and every room.

For the widest selection of designs and styles wash+dry is the brand for you, there’s something for everybody in the wash+dry range.

Turtle Mat

Turtle Mat

The Turtle Mat Company was founded in 1994 by James Turtle.

Proving to be a huge success at county fairs, a thriving mail-order business developed and soon retailers across the country wanted to stock Turtle Mats too.

Having successfully introduced design mats in 2004 Turtle now produce unique design collections in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society, leading artists and a host of British charities, institutions and designers.

Turtle Mat proudly joined the Kleen-Tex family in 2016, a perfect pairing with a shared mission to provide tried, trusted and innovative products with a focus on excellent customer service.