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Anti-fatigue durable foam rubber mat for the workplace with limitless application possibilities. Suitable anywhere workers stand for long periods.



The anti-fatigue mat for work stations where employees stand for long periods. 

Kleen-Thru Plus

Kleen-Thru Plus

For professional kitchen use. Kleen-Thru Plus is the first commercially launderable rubber mat featuring both anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties.



Standard anti-fatigue safety mat designed with bright yellow borders to draw the eyes attention and increase awareness of danger in the workplace.

Kleen-Komfort Soft

Kleen-Comfort Soft

Reduce fatigue in the workplace with this foam rubber mat, stylish soft nylon surface provides extra comfort under foot. 

Kleen-Komfort Office

Kleen-Comfort Office

The ideal cushioned anti-fatigue mat for the workplace, perfect for long standing comfort at workstations and counters.

Kleen-Komfort Design

Kleen-Comfort Design

An anti-fatigue mat with a custom printed surface provides relief for muscles and joints where people stand for an extended time.



An effective way to provide relief for employees who are subjected to the fatigue caused by standing for long periods.