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3 Mat System

The Kleen-Tex 3 Mat System



Info-graphic - 3 Mat System

The Ultimate Entrance System

Intelligence and Technology



  • 40% of a buildings cleaning costs are spent on the floor.
  • No one wipes their feet when entering a commercial building so the more footsteps that land on mats, the more dirt is stopped from entering.
  • It is calculated that 5 metres of continuous matting is required to stop dirt from being tracked into the building.
  • Having more than one mat in place will help to reduce tracked dirt, the more footsteps the better the effect.



We have determined that there should be 3 types of mats in the entrance of a building to achieve maximum dirt and moisture capture.

(1) Primary – Remove coarse grit & heavy soil

(2) Secondary – Remove grit and moisture

(3) Tertiary – Remove fine dirt and moisture



The materials and construction of each mat type is purposely engineered to address a precise set of functions that combine to achieve an optimum effect when used together.

Here are just a few suggestions of suitable mat types that work well together in the 3 Mat System...

(1) Primary – Kleen-Scrape, Water-Horse, Concourse TileLogo Outdoor

(2) Secondary – Matrix TileSuper-Mat, Iron-Horse XL

(3) Tertiary – Iron-Horse, MonotoneJet-Print


Embrace the Power of Three and create The Ultimate Entrance System for your building.